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Hello Trader!

It is time to take control of your investments!

Take a moment... breathe... and as you soak in the meaning of every word in this short letter, think about how limiting your risk and maximizing your returns with a few simple tweaks could turn your trading completely around. Fight the Fear – Embrace the Greed for 2018.

I know you've already shown interest in RadioActive Trading... Perhaps you downloaded a copy of The Sketch, our free white paper that blows the cover off of the notorious "Covered Call" method, pointing out its weaknesses and limitations... and giving the first of a series of far better alternatives.

Maybe you've been to one or more of our weekly free webinars, in which we not only show how to limit risk in any stock trade down to single digit percents (without a finicky 'stop' order)... but we also show how to take income out of your stock using one or two of our TWELVE different ways...

...or maybe you've been to one of our online seminars in which we teach how you might even BULLETPROOF your stock ('Bulletproof' is the curious state which allows you to hold a stock that's up a bit for further gain... but it no longer has any capital risk left to your account).

You're intrigued. You want to take control of your investments. You keep coming to the free webinars. You've seen us live and on YouTube share riskless nested plays for spendable income... even when we're Bulletproof.

But for whatever reason, you haven't made the plunge yet and picked up the RadioActive Home Study Kit.

Even though it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, which makes even your purchase of the information riskless.

We don't want YOU to miss out on some information that could very well pay for itself a hundred times over, just because you've maybe been hurt before as well.

There's a reason why NOW is the best time for you to stretch a bit... and pick up what may finally turn your trading life around.

Now, SOME folks write in asking when our next sale is going to be... when we'll be offering The RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit for a discount... and are shocked to learn that we don't ever do discounts.

That's because RadioActive Trading products are not only the best in the field right now... but also because we also provide support AFTER the purchase.

Besides, it kind of feels weird to sell Daisy a copy for $599, then sell Donald the same product for just two hundred bucks. SOMEONE's going to feel cheated. So we just don't do those shenanigans. We charge much less than the course is worth... back up our claims with personal service... support after the sale... and trade the methods in our own accounts. Finally, we seal everything up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So, no. We don't do discounts.

BUT..! Once a year... only ONCE... we add a little extra incentive to add a few more members to the RadioActive Trading family - to see the benefits of the limited risk techniques that we trade in our own accounts.

This year is no exception. We want to wrap up 2017 on a high note for YOU, increasing the offer for the best guide to limit your risk and take advantage of further upside – Fight the Fear, Embrace the Greed.

If you've been on the fence about getting The RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit with twelve Income Methods including riskless spread trades, I think you'll agree we've made it better and easier than ever before.

The best part about the offer is that all the bonuses (that you'll get free) add up to more than the cost of The RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit..


Also, if you do decide to exercise your 100% satisfaction guarantee, the bonuses are yours to keep.

It's said that 20% of the people get 80% of the results and that's a fact.

Question is, are YOU one of the 20%? Are you the kind of person that sees an opportunity, weighs the risk (none in this case because of the guarantee) and reward (could be a lot... just read some of the testimonials we selected among hundreds we're received over the last five years) and have the COURAGE to TAKE ACTION at the necessary moment?

Only you can decide that.

Because this offer... the bonuses... and your unique opportunity ALL come to an end at 11:59:59 Eastern Time this December 31st. Also, you've got to beat the hordes of others that are clicking the "Send My Blueprint!" button because when we are sold out, that's it for this run of the RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your Blueprint or Home Study Kit today, before this offer ends (just like 2017)!

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Your Special End of Year Bonus Package will Include:
Bonus #1: FUSION Electronic Coupon ($118 value) FREE!
Pay only $10 per month for the first two months of your Fusion Subscription.
Bonus #2: F.O.R.T.S. Video ($89 value) FREE!
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Bonus #4: Quick Start Guide ($50 value) FREE!
Eliminate the guesswork about how to transition from covered calls, spread trading, or other into the protected but exciting world of RadioActive Trading.
Bonus #5: Income Method #12 Mastery Series Video ($89 Value) FREE!
In January we are going to share the newest Mastery Series Video for the HomeStudy Kit. Owners of The Blueprint or HomeStudy Kit will receive this Mastery Series Video for FREE.
Bonus #6: F.I.S.T. Video ($29 value) FREE!
A compilation of our most-requested replay webinars. Four exciting RPM plays, plus one bonus webinar.
Bonus #7: Email Support FREE!
Explanations/Clarifications for any of the RAT principles, Setups, Income Methods, or Management techniques. A second set of eyes for your RadioActive trades. Free with your Blueprint or Home Study Kit!
Bonus #8: Free Shipping!
Never before offered... $11 value, up to $61 for international orders. This bonus is our pleasure to include as the icing on the cake, only up until December 31st
This year-end special ends at 11:59:59 pm on 12/31 so hurry! There's never been a better time to get The RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit, but it ends in less than two weeks.

I've enclosed just a few testimonials from folks like you that may have balked a little at first. Check the following unsolicited emails... we get 'em every year:

Jerry W.
"Mike, thanks so much for answering my questions on Married Put. I had to admit I wasted 10 years time and money on trading Covered Calls and others spread trading. My sister bought the Blueprint 5 years ago and has been very successful. So I am coming back to you for the Blueprint."

Wolfgang Z.
"You guys are GREAT. I am new to RPM but not new to options trading. Read tons of books about options. McMillan, Elder, Carter and many others. But none of them put all this together in a context that really makes sense and preserved my capital. You guys did. You give options trading a completely new touch. Amazing. Thanks for that!"

Chris H.
"...you have a great service. since i started using your strategies i have made over $61K in 3 months. I really enjoy your service and product."

Matt H.
"First off, love the material and the service. I just tore through The Blueprint this weekend. I've previously worked on a derivatives trading desk and your strategy is very unique. I plan on using a married put strategy combined with dividend stock investing to allow the dividends to help finance the protection. Then wait for movement, adjust, bulletproof, profit."

Jeff P.
"I can't tell you how much fun I am having working with and building on the ideas and Methods presented in the Blueprint. I am becoming particularly enamored with puts and learning to trade the time value. I keep coming up with new ideas or ways to apply the ideas that you guys present in The Blueprint and I do really buy into your philosophy. Also, every time I visit the PowerOptions website I seem to find some new area of training, tutorials, or learning center that I want to explore."

Richard W.
"I must say I am very impressed the educational materials and most definitely the site itself. I stumbled onto your site, not sure how, but find that my misstep has resulted in finding a hidden gem. Thanks to you and Ernie, and most definitely Kurt, for sharing with the rest of us. Kudos."

Allan O.
"My biggest AHAA moment was seeing you take money off the table and protecting your trade (bulletproof it) and leave the upside open. I already own the blueprint and am working my way through the strategies I would recommend it to anyone starting out. It has kept me safe since I bought it and have followed Kurt and Ernie's seminar."

Wayne N.
"I recently purchased The Blueprint and am flabbergasted by its profound simplicity, strategic approach to managing risk and its guidelines for developing a profitable position that, over time, "beats the market" and then pays you for doing it! I don't know how old you are, but back in the 1970's there were bumper stickers that said, "I Found It!" And, although they were in reference to something completely different than trading... I have, most definitely, "Found It." Thank you for your gracious and unselfish benevolence in making this available. I am truly grateful and now understand the secret of winning in the market: Manage your risk and the profits will come - and then run!"

Eric S.
"I ordered The Blueprint and read it from cover to cover over the weekend. I loved it. I wish I knew this information three years ago when I began trading right before the crash! I would have saved my principle and made money on the way down!"

Jerry W.
"Mike, thanks so much for answering my questions on Married Put. I had to admit I wasted 10 years time and money on trading Covered Calls and others spread trading. My sister bought the Blueprint 5 years ago and has been very successful. So I am coming back to you for the Blueprint."

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