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Learn: How to limit your risk in any trade. How to keep your upside open so that you literally have no profit limits. Income Methods 1 through 10. To reduce your risk, take income, or both. Using Income Methods to augment your returns while paying for your insurance.
  • Over 250 pages detailing step by step how to implement the RadioActive Trading Strategies.
  • Ten Income Methods that pull REAL CASH out of a stock position.
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods. This chapter details everything!
  • Several Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table
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What's better than owning the premier work on limiting risk in the stock market? Owning that work and the companion video CDs to really fine tune your RadioActive Trading skills! When you purchase the RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit you receive:
  • Full details on the Ten Income Methods that pull REAL CASH out of a stock position.
  • A Special Chapter on Combining Income Methods. This chapter details everything!
  • Several Appendices including chart reading and an Income Method Decision Table
  • The 6 Video CDs (at a discounted price!) to enhance your knowledge and fine tune your trading skills
  • F.O.R.T.S CD In depth look at the 3 core principles of RadioActive Trading
  • Income Methods Beginnings How to properly use IM #1 and #2
  • Profits with Puts Detailed look at IM #3 and IM #4 for bulletproofing
  • Money Nets The strategic uses of IM #5 and IM #6
  • AIM: Advanced Income Methods IM #7 and #8, and the advantages of IM #9
  • Combining Income Methods By combining IM's you can greatly enhance your profits and further reduce your risks!
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Online Stock Trading Newsletter - Stock Market BooksJust getting started with RadioActive Trading? Mike Chupka's portfolio focuses on growth stocks ranging between $15-$45 per share, though an occasional higher price stock may appear. Mike follows the rules in The Blueprint pretty much to the letter to insure that no position exceeds 10% at risk. These are Mike's actual trades since Kurt introduced him to the RadioActive Trading techniques in 2008. » Subscribe Now!

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"I just got your course yesterday, and I'm already half way through it. I just can't put it down. I've been investing for over 20 years, and I can honestly say that this material is a very unique and powerful way to invest. It uses techniques that are known, but you've put it all together in a way that is easy to understand, and comes closest to being the holy grail that I've ever seen. I know a gem when I see it. I say this from the optics of my own investment journey. This is, for me, the predominant way I will invest from now on. I've done pretty well with the techniques I've learned over the years, but this course makes it easy to succeed because it removes the fear, and gives the investor time to think and evaluate the trade without the backdrop of a possible large loss. I wish I had this knowledge when I was starting out. The methodical approach you teach is also very beneficial for an investor to learn. It provides a level of discipline that can benefit especially a beginning investor, but also for a pro who feels that something is missing in their approach (haven't we all felt that at times?). Anyway, this note is to thank you for this course which I feel is a very substantial bargain at the price you charge. I'm learning a lot, and I know this will positively affect my bottom line going forward. I've taken many investment courses, and options trading courses, but this one tops the list for me, and brings it all together, despite the fact that it costs a fraction of what most of the other courses cost. This course is good work which I think you should be proud of."
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