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Why Should I Insure My Stock?
The obvious answer is to limit risk, but does stock insurance have to be a 'wasted' cost? Not at all.

In this video we share why options investors are not seeing the results that they want with common strategies such as Covered Calls, Naked Puts, Credit Spreads and other approaches.

We show the one thing that can solve these problems and lead to better performance over time.

We compare covered calls and bullish spread strategies against a properly structured trade, using real market examples, and guess which one comes out on top?

But does controlling risk mean you are throwing money away? Not at all. We show how the insurance is actually a 2nd asset that you can manipulate to lower...and potentially cancel...all the risk on the trade - while also doubling the potential upside return.

So if you are not seeing the performance you expected out of popular options strategies, and you are looking for a way to control your positions, sleep better at night and not fear the unexpected events in the market...

Look no further than this video.

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