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Your Trading Goals for 2019
Here we are...the start of a New Year.

It is time to look back, briefly, on what DID work for you and 2018 and what DID NOT work for you.

With negative market performance overall, and negative market performance in 6 out of the 12 months - many of you may have not met your expectations for 2018.

In this webinar we saw that 67% of our attendees expected 10% or more return in 2018. 33% expected 2% per month, to the tune of 20-30% return in their investments in 2018...

Only 25% came close to meeting their goals. 50% were at Break-Even or less. 25% are ready to stop trading. This is not what we want to see.

But in this webinar we show why Investors might not have met their goals beyond the market influences.

We then shared how to stack the market odds in your favor with a proper structured trade - in which you could be wrong more often than right and still make money.

What were your goals for 2018? Why do you think those goals were not met?

AND...if you cut all of your losses from 2018 to just a loss of 3-6 percent max. on any trade...would you have met or exceeded your expectations? This webinar shows how you can achieve those goals.

Most importantly, how do you want to answer that question, Did you meet your goals in 2019? when I ask you that on January 4th, 2020?

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