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Dear Fellow Investor,

Don't you just hate it when...a loss on one stock wipes out all of the profits from all of your other profitable investments? It can be downright infuriating to have a mistake on one investment ruin the profit from ten other trades. So what's the solution?

I'm Kurt Frankenberg, and I have discovered how to truly put the odds on your side. It uses a principle that has been in front of our eyes all along, but is rarely used or understood. Other systems advocate treating the stock market like a business. My system really does. After reading The Blueprint, you'll understand what I mean by that.

After making and losing what seemed to me like a fortune many times over, I finally decided to step back and see what it was that made some people fail and others succeed. I found that there are certain skills that successful people have in common, even though their personality and approach to the market may be different. I also found that the approaches that emphasized longer terms of holding, trading with the long-term trend, and having money management rules did the best. One thing was lacking, however, and that was a true understanding of how to reduce one's risk by managing time. It is this principle that all RadioActive Trades are founded upon.

Keep the profit from your winning trades and limit your losses on other trades...
After looking at the potential of the married put, I hit on the idea of using other options strategies for income. The result of my study is a system that I outline in The Blueprint. The system allows the potential upward growth that goes with owning an explosive, winning stock. At the same time, it limits a loss in the position to whatever risk you are comfortable with. The beauty of the system is that if the bottom falls out of any investment, the most you can possibly lose is the risk amount you decided was acceptable when you entered the trade. Even if the company comes out with news of "accounting discrepancies", you can't possibly lose more. But you can gain! It's a matter of math. I call my method "The RadioActive Profit Machine" or RPM for short.

RPMs, or RadioActive Profit Machines, are built using components that are available to any investor with $2,500 or more to trade. In the case of working with real radioactive materials, one configuration can make a destructive device. Another arrangement of the same materials produces the cleanest burning, most efficient power source known to man.

10 different ways to take profits from your investments...
The Blueprint actually walks you through each step of a RadioActive Trade. It will show you in detail how to find stocks and options that meet the criteria for an RPM (RadioActive Profit Machine). After assembling an RPM, you'll want to know what the buy, sell, and income signals are. There are at least 10 different ways to take out profits, whether a stock moves up or down.

You can get The Sketch for free...
You've probably seen and maybe participated in other investment strategies which did not perform as advertised. That's why we're going to give you The Sketch for free. The Sketch describes in detail the first income generating method of the ten which are included in the Blueprint. This way you can see for yourself how the strategy works. Sign up now for The Sketch (below) and after you're convinced the strategy works, you can purchase the Blueprint to learn the other nine income methods.

Thanks for stopping in, dont't forget to get The Sketch and happy trading,

Kurt Frankenburg
RadioActiveTrading, Inc.

P.S. If you're already convinced and want to learn all ten income methods, you can go ahead and purchase the Blueprint, simply click here to purchase!

You can get The Sketch below (for FREE) and learn how to let your winning investments run while limiting the losing ones

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