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The Optium TradeFolio is a newsletter advisory service. We use the patented tools at PowerOptions to find, analyze and publish vertical spread trades and iron condor trades. We monitor and manage these trades once they are published.

These trades are for investors who lack the time and/or confidence to pick, trade, and manage their own vertical spread trades. Once a trade is published, we send out a notification email and tweet. If you are following along, you can logon to the site, see the trade, if you like it, place the trade with your broker and we'll let you know what further follow-up action is required. If you use auto-trade, then your broker will automatically trade the new positions and management trades for you. Completely hands-off if you want it to be.

Trades are published monthly. All past closed trades and currently open trades with complete details are available on the web site for subscribers.

There's a 30-day no-risk trial, so if Optium is not for you, then your first month’s subscription fee will be happily refunded.

Managed for Long Term Gain

  • Goal: 4-6%/mo. avg. return.
  • Credit Spreads on Indexes - Bull Put Credit Spread, Bear Call Credit Spread, Iron Condor
  • 4% up or down safety cushion.
  • Generally 9 out of 10 positions are profitable.
  • Average 2-3 positions open at any given time.
  • Includes Safety Net trades to insure/protect your investments.

Safety Net...
The Safety Net is a free add-on provided so customers can insure their portfolios. Safety Net trades are expected to cost 0.5% to 1% of a diversified income generating portfolio to insure the portfolio from a major decline. (i.e. an income generating portfolio of $100,000 would typically use $500/month toward Safety Net insurance)

These trades will generally result in a loss for the insurance position, but may act as a safety valve when the stock market starts dropping significantly. Most months these trades will expire worthless, just like the insurance on your house goes unclaimed. But, when a big market correction event does occur this position will appreciate greatly.

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Full satisfaction is the proper word to describe my feelings about the investment advice that I receive from POA.
Jim W. - Sep 2013
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