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ErnieZ@PowerOpt Portfolio
Online Stock Trading Newsletter - Stock Market BooksThis portfolio represents both real and paper trades using the RadioActive Trading methodology. At times my trading may stray from the guidelines outlined in The Blueprint, but they follow it in principal. For example, I sometimes write a call under the strike of the protective put, but I am prepared to roll if it goes in-the-money. These trades are not recommendations, I am publishing them for you - our FUSION members to follow along and learn how I attend to risk first and then attend to returns in my personal trading. All positions are shown using 100 shares and 1 put contract for simplicity.
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MikeC@PowerOpt Portfolio
Online Stock Trading Newsletter - Stock Market BooksJust getting started with RadioActive Trading? Mike Chupka's portfolio focuses on growth stocks ranging between $15-$45 per share, though an occasional higher price stock may appear. Mike follows the rules in The Blueprint pretty much to the letter to insure that no position exceeds 10% at risk. These are Mike's actual trades since Kurt introduced him to the RadioActive Trading techniques in 2008.
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Test Portfolio
Test portfolio for all employees
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"I recently purchased The Blueprint and am flabbergasted by its profound simplicity, strategic approach to managing risk and its guidelines for developing a profitable position that, over time, "beats the market" and then pays you for doing it! I don't know how old you are, but back in the 1970's there were bumper stickers that said, "I Found It!" And, although they were in reference to something completely different than trading...I have, most definitely, "Found It." Thank you for your gracious and unselfish benevolence in making this available. I am truly grateful and now understand the secret of winning in the market: Manage your risk and the profits will come - and then run!"
- WN
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